There there, trust me. Here’s what you need to know so you can get them:

With having children there are alllll the good feelings and happiness when you finally have your baby in your arms. As much as we are happy to have been able to carry our children, our new, changed bodies still take a toll on us moms mentally. 


If you feel like you will never get your body back, here is some good news: 


You won’t. 


You will get an even better one. ❤️


Many mom’s main concern is the abdominal region since that is what is typically affected the most. If you are not blessed with fantastic genes (lord knows I wasn’t) or naturally thin your whole life, seeing your abs is a little bit of a process. 


I have a core and pelvic floor restoration guide in the works for all you mommas, and doing these exercises is a good start. 



Avoid planks and any “crunching” move, please! The plank-like exercises put pressure on your abdominals and will likely cause it to separate it more. 

The crunching movements will separate the abdominals more as well. Think of your abs as a ziplock bag. When you hold onto either end & touch the ends together, the bag will open up. We want to A V O I D this!



do stabilizing movements and deep core (TVA: transverse abdominals) breathing such as:

•Core bracing

•Dead Bugs

•Heel slides

•Reverse Planks (advanced)

about 20-30 seconds for 4 sets a day will help cinch in your abdominals and regain strength. 



This bothered me the most but don’t worry, it WILL go away. I’ve had 2 c-sections and the area had pretty much became flat again. It’s inevitable to have scar tissue and some extra skin, and that’s OKAY! It’s also okay if you want to reduce it!!

This ultimately requires patience and time.


What can help the process speed up some though is:

•Staying hydrated by drinking water

•Massaging the scar tissue gently

•Moisturizing the skin

It’s a combination of overall swelling, skin elasticity, fat loss and tour organs getting back in place (lol). 


Remember, you are BEAUTIFUL & just had a baby not too long ago! Even if it is several years later, your body went through a LOT. You got this! ❤️

Stay tuned for my core & pelvic floor restoration program!